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一个大动作“完美的谢幕”子弹有很长的距离,也许只是队友的错误,但对于MLXG来说,这个子弹的距离可能永远!自去年德国杯RNG比赛以来,MLXG球迷也在RNG比赛中找到了“LPL Ultimate Coward”。只有在直播室里,还可以看到名为刘诗玉“小锚”的有趣日常名称。关于“MLXG退役”的新闻正以几何速度传播。从春季和夏季的比赛到洲际比赛,在主流媒体的炒作下,MLXG并未处于“即将退休”的时期。




In the game held on the evening of July 20th, RNG will compete with the EDG team. The first battle of MLXG career is EDG, and the final battle is also sent by the old rival. Perhaps this is the meditation. There is a "7" meaning in the meditation (beginning with EDG, finally EDG). I don’t know if the Saiwen ancestor who said “I’m a promise to top you two incense pots” before the finals last spring, will you personally leave the old rival to see you off?



From the commemorative point of view, the director of the "quick retired" can personally come to the scene to "sell back" the incense pot, I believe it will become a good story in the history of e-sports. Of course, based on the factors of the team's victory, EDG unexpectedly replaced the three princes Jiejie and chose to let the director play, perhaps the probability of winning the tactics will be higher? Regardless of how it is analyzed, the probability that the factory manager will personally send off the old rival MLXG is still quite high.



As for the teacher who will choose where to go after the teacher retires? Maybe he will go back to school on the live broadcast and finish his school quietly, or he may be happy to play with the live water friends every night to strengthen the DNF equipment, and perhaps choose to leave the team like IG Baolan (retired) After one day, become the first RNG field?



Anyway, anyway, how awkward the warrior will have a knot that he can't solve; the more powerful inner heart is also crushed by the bullets. Here is also a blessing for the incense pot: I wish you a smooth road ahead.