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Here, disabled people can carry out rehabilitation exercises, read newspapers, and participate in cultural and recreational activities. If there are difficulties, there are legal aids and social volunteers to provide various services. In the Fushun community of Daoli District, disabled people Experience the warmth of home. On May 16th, the 6th National Self-improvement Model and Disability Advance Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. The Fushun Community of Fushun Sub-district Office in Daoli District was awarded the honorary title of “National Disabled Home”.

Daoli District attaches great importance to the work of disabled people, always incorporates the work of disabled people into the overall economic and social development and public service of the district, and implements a series of assistance and rescue measures to complement the short-term employment of disabled people and carry out supplementary employment so that they can Self-sufficiency and increase income. "On the road of Xiaokang, not letting a disabled person fall behind, this is a solemn commitment, and it is a brave responsibility." Feng Yanping, secretary of the Daoli District Party Committee, said that in promoting the work of disabled people, Daoli District will build a well-off society in an all-round way. An overall requirement that can't be less, carry forward the humanitarian spirit, form a new pattern of work for the disabled, led by the government, the disabled, the masses, the community, and the society, and gradually embark on the track of socialization and legalization, and promote the whole Districts with high-quality development of the cause

Barrier-free facilities, small details warm the hearts of disabled people

"A few hundred meters away, it is a big difficulty to go to the rehabilitation training alone." Feng Sulan, a resident of Fushun community, is a blind person. He had a half-length last year. He usually needs to go to the hospital for rehabilitation training. When his family is in a hurry, I can only "move" myself, and every step is very difficult.

Since the beginning of this year, he has transferred to Fushun Community for rehabilitation treatment. Feng Sulan is no longer accompanied by his family. He can go to the elevator and go to the rehabilitation room for treatment. “Accessibility is as warm and intimate as a family for people with disabilities.”

Voice sightseeing elevators, low handrails, blind roads, ramps, barrier-free toilets. Entering the “Home for the Disabled” in Fushun Community, each small measure and detail reflects the warmth of care for the disabled.



抚顺社区有20个部门,包括残疾人康复室,盲人图书馆,残疾人培训室,法律培训室和活动室。所有这些都是免费的残疾人士。 “我们不仅希望他们找到一种安全感,属于'残疾人之家',而且还经常让残疾儿童参与社会活动,并将他们融入社会。”抚顺街党委书记刘福禄表示,随着残疾人的需求呈现出日益多元化的现状,抚顺社区依靠“大党建”的工作理念,整合服务内容。残疾人进入服务中心,创造了一套“参与政治,创业,技能培训,心理咨询,扶贫和扶贫”。文化体育活动加上社会组织孵化园6加1“残疾人家园”组织建设工作模式,全面提高残疾人活动岗位服务水平,真正为残疾人解决问题,精神混乱,心理缓解并改善精神障碍患者及其家人的生活质量。







Increase investment and build an intelligent cloud service platform. In response to practical problems such as poor information management of disability services and the inability to meet emergency assistance needs, the Daoli District Disabled Persons' Federation has developed the “Smart Remnant Cloud Platform”, which provides a visual platform for real-time control of disabled people's needs and supervision services for disabled people. Decision-making and service for the disabled provide powerful intellectual support. It has realized the visualization of disabled people's data, the transparency of service projects, the remoteness of the office model, and the overall overall simplification, and further integrated the wisdom and disability with the social security system and service system for the disabled.

Strengthen the support service to improve the service efficiency of disabled people. In the “help, package, belt, and support” activities of Daoli District, more than 2,000 impoverished disabled people were rescued and 3,568 persons with disabilities were included in the minimum living guarantee. In recent years, a total of 3,647 disabled people with difficulties in living and 7201 severely disabled persons have been granted nearly 19 million yuan in living and nursing subsidies.

Continuously develop social organizations and continuously expand the carrier of social assistance and disability services. Expand the resources of the disabled social organizations and develop 22 social organizations for the disabled. We launched a charity project for the “Happiness and Dreams of Helping the Disabled Project” to serve 560 people with disabilities.

Constantly broaden various channels to promote more fair employment for disabled people. The 141 self-employed disabled people in the district received 423,000 yuan of entrepreneurial support funds. Actively incubate the disability service organization and resettle 656 people with disabilities through the establishment of a special job fair for employment assistance. Support for 225 disabled and disabled children to receive secondary education and training. A total of 183 disabled persons were recommended for employment in various forms such as public housing placement, daily recommendation, and recruitment of large-scale recruitment.